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Jooksud Reynolds Aero Black Label 80, C TL DB Shimano 20/24H

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2099.00 EUR
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    Based around our Dispersive Effect Termination (DET™) rim profile, the BLACKLABEL Aero rims are optimized to lower drag and provide unmatched stability in crosswinds when used with modern, wider tire profiles. The rims feature a 19mm tubeless ready rim channel and a precision crafted hub by Industry Nine that lowers rolling resistance, enhances lateral stiffness and improves the overall ride quality to give you every advantage in your search for speed.

    Industry leading aerodynamic performance and cross wind stability with our Dispersive Effect Termination (DET™) rim profile
    Wide, tubeless ready rim provides better fit for higher volume tires that increase grip, lower rolling resistance and provide greater comfort
    Precision manufactured Reynolds hubs by Industry Nine for quick engagement and efficient transfer of power
    Premium Sapim CX-Ray bladed spokes offer ultimate performance in weight and ride quality paired with internal, alloy nipples
    Disc and rim brake specific models available
    Ctg2 brake track is 30% more resistant to heat than previous models

    Inner Rim Width: 19MM
    Outer Rim Width: 29MM
    Rim Depth: 80MM
    Spokes: F20 | R24
    Spoke Pattern: Front 2x | Rear 2x
    Weight: 1780g
    Technology: CR6, DET
    Hub: Front i9 | Rear i9
    Spoke Type: CX-Ray
    Nipple: Interenal 5mm Hex Alloy
    Engagement: 6°
    Pawl: 3
    Decal: Black water slide
    Rim: Aero 80 Carbon Tubeless Disc Brake
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